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discovering elsewhere

“We arrived at Papagayo looking forward to a much-needed escape from the city. With its extraordinary biodiversity, beach-meets-jungle coastline, and climate as warm as the locals, this idyllic paradise on Costa Rica’s north pacific coast checked all of our boxes — with more beauty and adventure per acre than just about any other place on earth.

welcome to an unspoiled world

The fortunate few who call these shores home awake to a sensual haven all their own. A world where windows long to stay open. Where the rest of civilization happily slips from sight — and from mind.

a private club measured in square miles

Imagine an ecoparadise spanning 1,400 acres, with 11 miles of coastline, 8 miles of bluff edges towering over the Pacific, and 21 uncrowded beaches — all rich in uncommon experiences.

for all

As private clubs continue to evolve — enticing a new generation of members with fewer formalities and more emphasis on fun, fitness, and the social aspects of club life — The Club at Peninsula Papagayo is leading the way with an amazing variety of only-here adventure and exploration that stirs wonder, joy and belonging for every member and generation.

A privileged realm of tailored outdoor programs and member services designed to make each visit entirely what you want. Each day, the allure of a new experience — a fresh chance to play, explore, connect, learn, grow, give back, and see life through an exotically different lens.

Here, there is no need for walls, for words, for cares. It is as if one has reached the farthest ends of the globe, save for the refined luxuries and creature comforts that abound.

so many reasons to belong

The Clubhouse at
Prieta Beach

The ultimate member hideaway and basecamp for the club’s Discovery Program features a trio of pools and dining venues, private beachfront cabanas, a full-service gym, spa, locker rooms, special event venues, a kids club, and an activity center.

Arnold Palmer Signature
Golf Course

Considered one of the finest eco-golf experiences anywhere, this certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary hugs diverse terrain borne of an ancient lava flow, winding its way through 125 acres of old-growth forest, valleys, and seacliffs.

The Clubhouse at
Ocean Course

Architect Ronald Zürcher’s soaring ode to a conch shell includes the fabulous Nemare restaurant, member lounge, locker rooms, pro shop, and bag storage. The adjoining tennis complex features four Har-Tru green clay courts and one grass court.

local liaisons

A highly personalized concierge service is one of the most valued aspects of membership, providing local expertise, coveted insider access, and end-to-end travel and lifestyle support. Known for attention to detail, creativity, discretion, and personalized service, the club’s dedicated concierge team keeps members connected to exciting happenings and must-do experiences throughout Guanacaste.

daily diversions

Each season the Club at Peninsula Papagayo features a fresh collection of only-here outdoor activities, fitness classes, camps, workshops, expeditions, and social events to help members and their families connect and immerse in another culture through adventure, exploration, and nature-based experiences. This year, we’ve added even more daily diversions for members to pursue passions, acquire new skills and knowledge, and leave boredom far behind.

Hosted by four-time major champion and World Golf Hall-of-Famer Ernie Els, the Papagayo Invitational member/guest charity golf tournament is a fun opportunity for members to play and connect with Ernie while contributing to a legacy of education in Guanacaste. All entry fees benefit nearby Guardia High School.

Celebrating local customs and traditions with a rich blend of culture you won't find anywhere else, Papagayo Palette is an opportunity to share crafts made by local artisans, dance performances by the National Ballet of Costa Rica, and music performances by the Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra.

Fishing is a family sport at Papagayo and the family-friendly Papagayo Classic welcomes participants of all ages and stages. The modified IGFA hook-and-pass team competition features exotic marine life, prizes, and bragging rights in both billfish and gamefish divisions.

epic adventures start here

The beloved Discovery Program is a treasured passport to a lifetime of exciting and enriching experiences throughout Guanacaste and the surrounding regions. Co-created journeys for members and their guests of all ages, providing hands-on experiences that share the wonder of nature and local culture. Now featuring the club’s new luxury jet boat, Discovery, making every day on the water an unforgettable new adventure.

"we find awe and happiness

discovering joy in moments of unimaginable wonder, with space to breathe and acres to roam. Happy to have found our family’s ultimate home-away.

Welcome to the next generation of private clubs.


pura vida

Guanacaste’s countryside teems with the pleasures of elsewhere. Though only a time zone or two away, at 10 degrees north latitude, you are a world apart from the life you know.

Unconstrained by the habits of home, you begin seeing things differently. On a land bridge that separates North America from South America and the Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific Ocean, you find yourself closer to the things that matter.


In 2019, Costa Rica received the Champions of the Earth award, the UN’s highest environmental honor, for its role in the protection of nature and its commitment to ambitious policies to combat climate change.

Costa Ricans are justifiably proud of their small country, and what they were most proud of is their democracy. Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies of Latin America and, certainly, the most stable one. All around this green republic, a democratic and peace-loving heritage reverberates in its citizens.

The Chorotega were once the dominant civilization in Guanacaste, introducing a melting pot of Mesoamerican cultural influences throughout the region. Spanish colonists were mostly from Extremadura, followed later by immigrants from Andalusia and Castile. Disparate languages, traditions, and customs translated into religion, art, and architecture. Over time, a strong cattle ranching culture developed, which will live forever in the heart of Guanacaste.

Nowadays, English comes fairly easily with the locals, who are gracious hosts and guides. Their genuinely warm welcome flows from a local spirit called pura vida — a particular attitude of contentment and happiness for life that exists nowhere else.

Rincón de la Vieja

Ticos have long believed in the
transformative power of art and education

The Costa Rican education system is recognized as one of the best in the Americas — free and mandatory for all. There is a general understanding that educated citizens can only make life better and communal living easier and happier.


nature Rx

With over 500,000 plant and animal species, Costa Rica is one of the planet’s most biologically dense countries. The nearby Area de Conservation Guanacaste (ACG) UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the jewels in the country’s national park system. Home to an astonishing 363,000 acres of protected wildlife area — including the most significant remaining tropical dry forest ecosystem in Mesoamerica. Keeper of 10 distinct lifezones. Now a living lab of remarkable regeneration.

we are here for an eco-antidote to
tech-boom burnout

when there is time for us to come together as a family and step away from the everyday. To reconnect and recharge. To give our grandchildren the gift of spending time in nature. To trace forest trails and find the antidote to our modern lives.

Wonder unfolds throughout the ACG in rich pageantry all around, from mystical cloud forests, rolling flatlands, and dry savannahs to riverine wetlands and serpentine coastline. Where surprise estuaries, springs, and waterfall idylls elicit gasps of joy around every corner.

The protected wildlands surrounding Papagayo incorporate three national parks: Santa Rosa, Guanacaste, and Rincón de la Vieja, as well as the Horizontes Forestry Station and Bahía Junquillal Wildlife Refuge. Its contiguous block of marine and coastal ecosystems, dry tropical forest, tropical rain forest, and tropical cloud forest are home to more than 235,000 species (65% of the estimated species in Costa Rica) and 2.6 % of the world’s biodiversity.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Palo Verde National Park

Santa Rosa National Park

our trio of grandkids

grinning ear to ear

as they roam with rare abandon among this protected playground. In their eyes, we see our grown daughter not as she is today, but as she was. The boundless little girl with the untamed strawberry-blonde curls. Innocent. Inquisitive. Filled with the same sense of wonderment.

immersed in nature’s healing powers

We move quietly and breathe deeply, awakening one sense at a time. Awed by the infinite exotic and endangered species, we listen for mighty howlers bellowing from the boughs. Touch the rough labyrinth of strangler vines. Feel the leafy earth crunch beneath our feet. Restored and reoriented, we are ready for our next adventure.